Inventory Management Trending To The Cloud

Communicating across different systems and between various departments is a challenge for any business. Manufacturing is particularly susceptible to costly mistakes if inventory management isn't executed properly. Issues can inhibit production, overstock storage facilities and slow deliveries. By using manufacturing business software that can synthesize the disparate components of this singular process, manufacturers can greatly improve their production.

Industry trends highlight the success of cloud platforms which offer omnichannel software suites that provide real time visibility. Being able to process data in this agile manner provides enterprises with a way to analyze and improve performance, communicate more efficiently and integrate ERP across different channels. As data processing becomes imperative to implementing successful ERP, cloud-based systems that offer the ability to process data more efficiently than on-premise applications could emerge as a viable option for inventory management systems.

Global Finance spoke to the benefits of taking inventory management systems in this direction.

"The cloud-based ERP vendor offers inventory and fulfillment management software solutions that provide real-time, detailed visibility into key inventory and supply chain management metrics including supplier performance, stock on order and tracking of warehouse items, as well as detailed analysis and forecasts of inventory levels." said the publication.

Proper inventory management is a major component of ERP for manufacturing enterprises. The vitality a business can hinge upon success implementation of business management software solutions.

Manufacturing enterprises that look to implement an ERP system that can optimize the effectiveness of their inventory management should seek trusted software providers who can provide the benefits of business intelligence as a resource to manufacturers.

Accent Software, Inc. specializes in manufacturing software solutions. As a trusted Microsoft Dynamics NAV business partner, their expertise can enable your company's success.

UGN, Inc. expansion aims to add more manufacturing jobs in Indiana

As Indiana's manufacturing sector continues to grow, companies that are already in the state seek to expand their enterprises. The success of Indiana's manufacturing sector in acting as a catalyst for expansion of manufacturing businesses is evident in Valparaiso where UGN, Inc.'s manufacturing operations are located. UGN, Inc. supplies acoustic, interior trim and thermal management products to businesses within the automotive industry. UGN presently employs over 325 full-time employees in the Hoosier state. Expansion of its manufacturing operations in Indiana will add up to 14 new manufacturing jobs by 2015.

A skilled manufacturing labor force within Indiana is one reason UGN, Inc. seeks to expand is manufacturing operations in Valparaiso. Having access to skilled manufacturers was apparently a major factor in choosing to expand operations according to UGN executives.

"The expansion at our Valparaiso plant is in a central location—and close to our headquarters—and we have a skilled workforce there, which we look forward to expanding." said Peter Anthony, UGN Inc.'s CEO.

In addition to the skilled manufacturing base present in Indiana, the state's business-friendly tax policies were able to entice UGN, Inc. into expanding its manufacturing operations. The Indiana Economic Development Corporation has offered UGN, Inc. up to $115,500 in conditional tax credits. These credits are dependent upon UGN hiring new employees within Indiana.

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation applauded UGN Inc.'s decision to continue to invest in its Valparaiso manufacturing operations.

"UGN's decision to expand operations in Valparaiso shows why Indiana is a state that works. With our low taxes and highly skilled workforce, companies are free to develop and expand here. When we get down to where the rubber meets the road, companies know what to expect in Indiana—stability, an affordable business climate and unlimited opportunity." remarked Eric Doden, President of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.

By offering tax incentives to businesses that hire Indiana residents, the state hopes to cement its place as the nation's manufacturing leader. Over the last year, business friendly tax policies such as the one offered to UGN have resulted in 13,400 manufacturing jobs added to Indiana's economy.

As manufacturers in Indiana increase operations, the need for business management software for manufacturing increases as well. From managing additional jobs to increasing manufacturing output, manufacturing business software is essential to ensuring that expansion of manufacturing is successful.

Accent Software, Inc. provides manufacturing ERP software so that manufacturers in Indiana can continue to stimulate the state's economy. By utilizing manufacturing accounting software, inventory management systems software and other components of business management software solutions, enterprises in the state of Indiana can grow their business as the manufacturing sector of Indiana's economy continues to thrive.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade looming

Since its release in 2005, Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been a valuable enterprise resource planning software system for manufacturers. The business management software has allowed manufacturers to optimize efficiency in a number of areas while meeting unique business needs. For small to mid-sized businesses, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a key component to their potential success. Since late 2013, Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been engineering an upgrade to the ERP software to aid small to mid-sized business as they move forward.

Microsoft's Dynamics NAV team recently announced that a new version of the enterprise resource planning software will be released sometime in 2014. The new version of the program is branded as Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015.

A major new feature of the latest edition of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the ERP software's improved integration with other Microsoft programs such as Office 365. Additional mobile device support is another feature of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 that will further embed the software into the landscape of enterprise resource planning.

Improved upgrade tools are another facet of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 that are being welcomed by businesses. The improvements brought to upgrades hope to limit the cost that upgrading has had on businesses, as high costs for tasks such as report updating marred the previous version of the software: NAV 2013 R2.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 will also introduce increased mobile accessibility to the business management software. The mobile interface for NAV 2015 will be accessible through Windows, Apple and Android mobile devices. Integrating mobile business management software solutions into businesses is one of the major directions that ERP has headed toward. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 looks to accelerate that process.

As the interface of Microsoft Dynamics NAV continues to evolve, the need for small to midsized businesses to have a Microsoft business solutions partner is more important than ever. Accent Software, Inc. has been a trusted Microsoft business partner for more than 15 years. Accent Software is a valuable asset for businesses looking to implement Dynamics NAV 2015 as part of their manufacturing ERP software.

Governor Pence’s trip to UK bodes well for Indiana’s manufacturing sector

Indiana's ability to attract domestic manufacturing enterprises to the Hoosier state has enabled it to continue to have the nation's leading manufacturing economy. To add to this success state-side, Indiana Governor Mike Pence is leading an economic development mission to the United Kingdom. Pence's administration hopes that the mission can preserve existing relationships with UK manufacturers while creating new ones to sustain Indiana's economic growth. The British bound expedition supplement the governor's strategy to build ties to over-seas manufacturers. Pence had previously embarked on other economic development missions to Japan and Germany.

Royce met with Rolls-Royce executives toward the beginning of the mission. Rolls-Royce opened an advanced manufacturing facility in Indiana in Autumn of 2013. The factory will be fully operational in 2014, adding 100 high-tech manufacturing jobs.The esteem that Indiana's renowned manufacturing sector is held within as an international marketplace was lauded by Rolls-Royce President of Defense Programs John Gallow upon the announcement of the factory's opening last year.

"This new production facility represents our future. Unique both in what it does and how it does it – from cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to modern operating agreements with our workforce – this facility will help us improve our competitive performance and reduce costs for our customers. This new, stand-alone production capability was awarded to Indianapolis by Rolls-Royce following a global competition for the business." said Gallo in November of 2013.

Gallo's remarks highlight Indiana's success as a manufacturing marketplace in the world economy. Indiana's relationship with the British luxury automotive company provide optimism for more international investment into the Hoosier state.

As investment capital into Indiana's manufacturing sector grows, so does the need for manufacturers to have manufacturing business software that will enable manufacturing businesses small and large to succeed in Indiana's increasingly competitive manufacturing economy. The influx of international investment into Indiana puts the need for expert insight into Indiana's manufacturing sector into perspective. Accent Software, Inc. provides businesses emerging into Indiana's manufacturing economy with a highly experienced staff that can help make any manufacturers relationship the state of Indiana long and meaningful.

Superior Truss & Panel move to Gary, Indiana highlights need for expert manufacturing ERP

Superior Truss & Panel, Inc. recently announced its plans to relocate operations to Gary, Indiana. Moving from Markham, Illinois, to Gary is an example of the success that the Hoosier state has had in becoming the mecca of the manufacturing industry in the Midwest. Superior Truss & Panel, Inc.'s move to Gary is expected to create upwards of 52 new manufacturing jobs in Indiana by 2016. These jobs foreshadow future growth in Indiana's manufacturing industry.

Indiana's pro-business policy making has played a huge role in cultivating a thriving manufacturing economy. In the instance of the Superior Truss & Panel operations relocation, the states pro-business policies are exemplified by the conditional tax credits that the state is offering the company. Those tax credits could reach $425,000 if Superior Truss & Panel allocates manufacturing jobs to residents of Indiana. The potential tax credits would significantly ease the 2.6 million dollar cost that Superior Truss & Panel, Inc. has invested in their move to Gary, Indiana.

Those pro-business policies and the robust manufacturing industry of Indiana greatly influenced Superior Truss & Panel's decision to move to Gary. This was made apparent by a statement issued from Superior Truss and Panel's executives following the announcement of their relocation.

"Indiana has worked hard to build a business environment that lets companies succeed on their own terms, free from restrictive regulations or red tape. With our low taxes, skilled workforce and robust transportation networks, Indiana stands out as a state that works." proclaimed President of Superior Truss & Panel, Bryce Welty.

Welty expanded upon the rationale behind moving Superior Truss and Panel to Indiana in the companies press release. The President of the manufacturing business spoke to the benefits of Indiana's location and infrastructure as factors that influenced the decision to relocate.

"While Indiana has a business-friendly environment, Gary provides easy access to interstate highways, allowing greater convenience in shipping to multiple states," Welty stated in the press release announcing the decision.

Continued investment into Indiana's manufacturing industry highlights the need for proper business management software to aid in continued growth of this sector. Business management software that will contribute to the success of manufacturing businesses like Superior Truss & Panel, Inc. provide the state of Indiana with the opportunity to continue to lead the Midwest in manufacturing.

Incorporating Microsoft Dynamics NAV Solution is one way businesses can optimize the effects that manufacturing ERP software has on their success. Accent Software, Inc. offers manufacturers in the state of Indiana the chance to reap the benefits that manufacturing ERP software can have on their business. As a Microsoft Business Solutions partner located in Indianapolis, Accent Software provides the expertise of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the familiarity of Indiana's manufacturing industry that can aid manufacturing enterprises to continue to be a stalwart of Indiana's economy.

Indiana’s economy and education sector show need for proper manufacturing management

Throughout the continued economic recession that the United States struggles to overcome, it has become common place for people to believe that manufacturing is no longer a strength of the American economy. Despite that widespread belief, manufacturing jobs in Indiana continue to grow.

For the third straight year, Indiana posted a gain in manufacturing jobs. This three-year period of growth is something that business management software companies hope to benefit from. By complementing a skilled manufacturing labor force with business management solutions that aid to the success of manufacturing in Indiana, the state hopes to continue its growth in the manufacturing sector.

To maintain the stability of Indiana's manufacturing the education sector looks to provide Indiana high school students with the option to learn manufacturing skills that can better prepare them for future employment in the state's manufacturing sector. Enabling students to learn manufacturing management skills would further the impact of this cause.

Project Lead the Way, an Indianapolis based initiative that has designed curriculums for high school students that seek to take elective courses for college credit while in high school exemplifies Indiana's proactive approach in trying to keep manufacturing a stalwart of the state's economy. Regionally, Northeast Indiana accounts for the highest concentration of manufacturing jobs in the state. By focusing educational initiatives on the regional and state level, maintaining a strong manufacturing industry in Indiana is becoming one of the state's most vital focuses.

As manufacturing continues to be the foundation of Indiana's economy, the need for business management software that supports manufacturers is growing. Accent Software, Inc. provides software business solutions to local manufacturers who seek to gain from Indiana's skilled manufacturing labor force.  Accent Software Inc.'s business management software solutions are essential to the continued success of manufacturing businesses that have made Indiana their home.

How retailers are using big data analytics software to better understand their customers

In this era of information accessibility, retail customers are more informed than ever. Customers constantly strive to find sources that enable them to make more prudent economic decisions. As such, business management software that analyzes these channels is a vital resource for retailers. Understanding how customers articulate their decisions is the ultimate goal of enterprise resource planning data analytics. Analyzing big data enables retail vendors to better understand what a customer desires from their buying experience. In order to effectively analyze consumer trends and influence decision making in the market place, retailers must collect and analyze a vast array of data.

Gaining an understanding of big data in retail allows retailers to have an increased influence in the decisions that consumers ultimately arrive at. Using software for business management like enterprise resource planning allows retail organizations to collect and analyze big data to better understand the consumer consciousness that affects their marketplace.

The role that retail ERP software has in facets of retail such as stock and supply management highlights the importance of having a means of analyzing big data in retail. By understanding consumer trends, retailers are able to manage their stock in order to facilitate the projected consumption data analytics enable them to foresee. Optimizing the efficiency of stock and supply management is essential for cost reduction and profit maximization. Retail ERP is a valuable asset as a software business solution that aids in increasing efficiency.

The complexity that is inherent with analyzing big data makes having a resource to efficiently analyze customer data in retail vital. By properly using enterprise resource planning in the retail industry, businesses are better able to gain an understanding of this complex information. This is the first step toward being able to influence consumer trends that ultimately affect the core of any retailer's business management.