The number of pressure points manufacturers have to ease if they want to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive supply chain grows with each passing year. From impediments that have always been present – inconsistent demand, limited visibility into processes and a spike in operating costs – to those that are fairly new – increased global competition and an ability to keep up with technological change – businesses need to be aware of these threats.

If these problems are left unaddressed, they fester into more pressing concerns for manufacturers, undermining their ability to respond quickly to rapid changes within the supply chain and, ultimately, curtailing future growth.

But with cost accounting software for manufacturing, businesses can drill down into their processes in real-time, revealing operational inefficiencies and aspects of their operations that may need future development. Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the leading manufacturing business software, collects information from all aspects of the manufacturing process.

As a trusted Microsoft partner, Accent Software helps you define your ERP strategy, working with you to design and implement the manufacturing business software that is best suited to your needs. We are based in Indiana, but serve manufacturers of all sizes across the Midwest and United States. We believe in long-term partnerships with our clients, so we provide ongoing service to their manufacturing business software as needed.

The benefits of adopting a Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution

Once manufacturers have committed to Microsoft’s ERP solution, supported by Accent Software, they begin to see just how deep the impact of new solution can be. Some of the ways Microsoft’s cost accounting software for manufacturing improves business processes include:

  • Better speed and agility
  • Empowered and innovative employees
  • Transformed planning and operations
  • Let’s explore each of these elements individually.

Better speed and agility

Cost accounting business software is so widely used by manufacturers that to ignore it is to deliberately place yourself at a competitive disadvantage. Supply and demand rapidly change, and if manufacturers cannot adjust, they cannot succeed. That’s why the ability of ERP software to facilitate seamless communication between different elements of a business, in real-time, is so valuable.

Empowered and more innovative employees

While ERP software certainly benefits a company, employees are arguably the most important resource a business has. Business accounting software gives your employees the tools they need to succeed, in the form of comprehensive data that they would not otherwise have access to. With this information in hand, employees can think creatively about ways to overhaul processes to improve operational efficiency.

Transformed planning and operations

ERP software gives real-time visibility into manufacturing processes, through cycle counting and other related processes. It’s through this real-time data that your company will be able to look back at past successes and failures, applying that information to calibrate future procedures. Once employees set these changes in motion, the business itself will lower its operational costs and be better equipped to adjust to shifts in the market. And in the global marketplace, the more dynamic a business can be, the more successful it will be.

How does Accent Software go one step further?

Because ERP comprises multiple aspects of a business, it’s critically important that your entire business staff is well-acquainted with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV software and can adjust functionality to conform to the needs of the company.

Accent Software provides training and ongoing support for the employees who will ultimately steer a company’s manufacturing business software. As a member of Microsoft’s Partner Network and more than 15 years of relevant industry experience, Accent Software is the reseller that any manufacturer, no matter its size, can benefit from working with.