How ERP technology facilitates manufacturing automation

Manufacturers everywhere have jumped aboard the automation bandwagon. Businesses in the industry are expected to spend more than $50 billion on robotics technology in 2019, per researchers for the International Data Corporation, who also predicted that these same organizations would invest an additional $2 billion in enterprise artificial intelligence installations over that same yearlong span. Although advanced hardware and software of this kind forms the foundation of the manufacturing automation movement, numerous other tools, many of which have been around for decades, facilitate self-propelled production and administrative processes as well – most notably, enterprise resource planning technology.

Here are two ways that ERP platforms support manufacturing automation:

Order processing
This function kick-starts the whole manufacturing process, lending shop floor stakeholders the specifications they need to begin production. Enterprises in the sector have long relied upon manual purchase order processing methods, which tend to unfold at an unhurried pace and often leave too much room for error. However, this has begun to change, according to Industry Week, which analyzed survey data and discovered that improved order processing was the second-most common impetus for technology investment in manufacturing. ERP software is among the digital tools that simplifies order processing, lending operational teams the power to leverage robust order management features that do not require human intervention, ERP Focus reported.

Financial reporting
Many modern manufacturers maintain slim margins and therefore devote considerable energy toward financial oversight activities, including cost and revenue analysis. However, these activities can eat up significant time and lay the groundwork for fiscal breakdown if done manually. ERP technology reduces the likelihood of time wastage and financial mismanagement through software components that allow for the creation of automated accounting and reporting workflows, according to IT Toolbox. With these tools at their disposal, administrative and operational leaders can easily keep tabs on the books and give decision-makers the data they need to make informed strategic changes.

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